Friday, June 17, 2011



spinning tires, reving engines, smoke rolling and being pined in your seat.
Faster and faster you go but wait, there is a curve ahead do i slow  Oh no, i do not slow faster i go into a slid. Pulling the rear-end away from straight slamming the gas i pass the point of no return.  Palms sweaty, heart racing, loosin up your grip and let the wheel turn. The apex of the bank comes and passes. Out of control you find perfect control as you pull the wheel back to center and floor the gas, you pull straight and ride on waiting for the next curve you find that control is not always where you think. But if you put your self in the curve you will find raw control.


  1. Wow - that put my stomach in knots! If you can feel what you're reading, then what you're reading is really powerful. Well done!

  2. dang..i think you've done this before!! ☺ "if you put yourself IN the curve you find raw control" ♥

    Raw control..for like GOD...totally respect and submit to this, it takes participation.."pinned in your seat" is like "taking a stand" aint goin anywhere but fwd..all we have to do is keep "centered"

    So true, if you slow down then you do lose all control..the only thing i don't have down is hydroplaning ♥SWEET POST

  3. This is a tough thing to control, so I'd rather just slow down. ;)

    I'm your newest follower from GBE2.


  4. This made me think of the learning curve of life rather than actual driving. Not sure if it was meant to, or if it's just because I am a non-driver! Loved the energy of the piece, the urgency in the flow of words. Very cool indeed :)

  5. Powerful writing with an insightful message

  6. "Raw control." I like that. I'm a bit of a chickenshit, but I admire a pedal to the metal attitude in others. ;O)