Friday, June 17, 2011



spinning tires, reving engines, smoke rolling and being pined in your seat.
Faster and faster you go but wait, there is a curve ahead do i slow  Oh no, i do not slow faster i go into a slid. Pulling the rear-end away from straight slamming the gas i pass the point of no return.  Palms sweaty, heart racing, loosin up your grip and let the wheel turn. The apex of the bank comes and passes. Out of control you find perfect control as you pull the wheel back to center and floor the gas, you pull straight and ride on waiting for the next curve you find that control is not always where you think. But if you put your self in the curve you will find raw control.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Adrenaline Push 2

Lost and Found

Moving forward but looking back for the piece of life that's in the rear view mirror, Lost in the anticipation of things to come. Friendship thinned by distance but with cherishing thoughts of the love and caring of ones behind you, you shed a single tear for the cycle of your life.  Knowledge accompanied with heart you find that you have a wonderful gift just having their love and best wishes with you on your journey. You wipe the tear from your eye with a smile on your face and a new light shining brighter then ever in your heart,  you know that you will meet again. On the broken road you follow you meet the one that has the new beginning needed to set you in the divine place you desire. At peace you await the day to be reunited with the past not for closuer but for the next chapter the is your life. Grey fog lies in frond of you yet what is this light shinning in front of you there is more then one there are many and with open arms they welcome you with a warm imbrace. As time dies your joined with the past and you are truely one in this you find the happyness that is yours.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lost And Found


Darkness overcomes  my body, shadows run like banshees in my soul, ruthless and quick, the light escapes my mind. I have found the lost part of me in the darkness, put away by the social day that I must be a part of, yet it is still and in my mind it rages. Lost yet found, the war of my own never won or lost, but in the light I have found it, right in front of my eyes!